Accessibility is very important for any website. It is inclusive in nature and does not exclude even those who are differently abled. These days, the websites that are accessible will have more visitors and it even helps to attract new visitors to the site. Read on to know about 7 of the top reasons for you to make your site more accessible.

Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility

Reasons for Website Accessibility:

  1. Inclusive: A website should be inclusive in nature. It should not exclude access to anyone. This is because of the fact that it should give the same importance to every person who is reaching the site. This is an ethical issue that many people do not give a thought to. If you exclude a person with accessibility issues, from your website, then it is ethically wrong.
  2. Equal Access and Equal Opportunity: When you provide website accessibility, it is a sign that you are providing equal access to everyone. Equal access is important because it is morally correct for every webmaster to provide an opportunity to every client who is interested in the website to browse the site.
  3. Legally Bound: You may not be legally bound yet to provide accessible websites, but the fact is that most of the government websites are legally bound to provide accessibility. Soon, we may have the rehabilitation Act being tweaked to make all the websites to become accessible.
  4. Makes the site Search Engine Optimized: This is a little known fact that when the website is accessible, it can enhance the search engine optimization. The search engine algorithms are programmed in such a way that when the client visits the website and browses for a longer period of time, it is a positive sign for the site and adds more value. So, when the search engine identifies this site with visitors staying for a longer time, it adds value and provides more search engine optimization.
  5. Improves Traffic to the Site: The traffic to the website is important and search engine optimization adds more traffic to the site. It is like a double benefit for the site. When people who have disabilities are visiting a site, they are likely to stay on the site for longer time. This drives in more traffic over a period of time.
  6. Improves Loyalty to Your site: The other important reason for you to increase the accessibility to your site is because it improves the loyalty of your clients. Especially those with special needs will be happy with the accessibility features in your website and they would rather visit your site than other sites. So, accessibility builds a loyal client base too!
  7. It is Easy to Implement Accessibility: Finally, to answer the most obvious question. Most webmasters think that providing accessibility to the website is a long and tough process. It is not true. Accessibility to a website can be enhanced very easily and there are several plugins and other software that could help you to increase your sites accessibility.

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