Black friday is a big celebration for many online shops and online consumers that get the oppertunity to enjoy many different offerings and discounts and purchase quality products at insane prices.

This article is meant for WordPress web masters who want to join the black friday festival and prepare their website for special offers in justs few easy steps.

Step 1:

Create offering – Choose the best offer / discount that you want to promote and create a cupon code for it. Its recommended to focus on a single, simple offer that will be easy to remember and simple for anyone to understand.
If you are using woocommerce than you can read here on how to create a cupon code :

If you are using Easy Digital Download that read this article which explains how to create a cupon code :–cms-23628

Make sure that you limit your cupon offer to the desired date only.

Step 2:

Create a nice banner – You can try your own graphics skills or search for online banner creating tool. Such as Canva:

Now that you have a banner, you can use one of many available WordPress plugins and add this banner as a pop-up to your website. Read this article on the best pop-up plugins for WordPress:

Step 3:

Spread the word – promote your cupon code in social media by tweeting the cupon code and posting it facebook, send a nice newsletter to your audience with clear invitation to accept your offering. Keep in mind that your audience is probably getting many diffferent offering in the same day which could be confusing, so make sure that your offer stands out.

strong Message

That’s it. Now your website should be ready for black friday in just few simple steps. You can repeat the same steps for cyber monday and other good times as well.

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Happy Black Friday

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